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Travel Art, Book By Duygu Kivanc

January 30th, 2011 - Fairfax, VA
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"New Travel Photography Book by Duygu Kivanc Brings to Life the Artst's Adventures in Bhutan"
2007-02-05 until 2007-12-31
, , USA United States of America
Get ready for a wonderful tour of Bhutan through the art and thoughts of author Duygu Kivanc as Xlibris releases her new travel picture book Painting of Travels to Bhutan. This book recalls the authorís travels and observations of the nation that lies in between China and India. Through Kivancís artwork, readers will discover the richness of Bhutanís culture, the beauty of its people and its extremely traditional and laid-back atmosphere. Also astonishing is the fact that Bhutan is largely considered by experts as the last surviving region of traditional Himalayan Buddhist culture. Last but not least, the countryís great mountains and lush environment will leave your breathless. Duygu Kivanc, one of's earliest participants has been a Premiere Portfolio Aritst since 2000.
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About the Author
Duygu Kivanc was born December 20, 1945 in Turkey and has had an interest in art from the time she was a small child. Her formal education commenced in Ankara College in Turkey, but she attributes her participation with the Art Studentsí League in New York to have influenced the development of her individual style. With numerous artistic workshops, she further continued her education when she later moved to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area in 1980. She has participated in several gallery exhibitions in her adoptive home of Fairfax, Virginia and nearby McLean, as well as several exhibitions in New York City, including a group show at the United Nations Building. Duygu has received several Certificates of Excellence; placements in juried shows; and has also been included in the Encyclopedia of Living Artists Ė Fourth Edition.
Paintings of Travels to Bhutan * by Duygu Kivanc
Publication Date: January 5, 2007