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This book is about my travels and my observations with my paintings in
The fi rst day,we spent in Thimpu is diffi cult to describe..
After fl ying for two days via Honolulu ,Hong Kong and Bankok,we felt
like we had entered the unknown…
Overwhelming presence of The Himalayas,the colors of The Valley and
the stillness of the day was beautiful as well as scary..
I never imagined ,I could survive a week, let alone living there for three
But,it was the most unforgettable three years of my life ,I cherish, when
I look back..
Waking up in a land with a clear mind and spirit,gives one a determination
of doing one’s best in eacht day,which is full of sunshine in the winter
and the trickling of the monsoon rains in the summer.
There are wonderful gardens to tend:Animals to take care of and
enough time to listen to your inner thoughts and attend your duties
and hobbies..
And the solitude of the evening,makes one humble and thankful for
being alive..